Fire Ceremony for Intention Crystals

Fire Ceremony for Intention Crystals
November 29th 2009

Dear Shift of the Ages Community,

Our apologies for the late notice as we are operating on Maya time, fully present with the Elders (Grandfather Cirilo, Elizabeth and Rufino) as they flow with the energies of the day. The information presented to you here was just finalized now.

The Mayan Elder Fire Ceremony for the Intention Crystals will be Sunday morning at 6:00 AM in Antigua, Guatemala (Central Standard Time), November 29 (4 Ik’) near Grandfather Cirilo’s home. Please join us around the world, whenever you can, with your own fire ceremony, lighting a candle or sitting in meditation with your inner flame. Please hold deep awareness of the shared intention, offered below, and the knowledge that you are sharing in heart and mind with thousands around the world these powerful intentions.

This day, 4 Ik´, carries the energies of the Spirit of the Air. Grandfather Cirilo, Grandmother Elizabeth and Rufino chose this day because the quartz crystals can hold everything, even the cosmos, in their structure. We will empower these crystals with love and unity, and the message of the Maya, which will be shared in the Shift of the Ages film. The energy of 4 will carry this message, through the Spirit of the Air, to the four directions. The power and clarity of our collective intention, with that of the crystals, will expand in all directions. We honor the Spirit of the Air, as we honor the ancestors, our elders and all those who have sacrificed so that we may be here now as ambassadors of ancient wisdom.

Please join us wherever you are, in whatever way feels appropriate to you.

This family of 300 quartz crystals will be mailed to National, Planetary and Galactic Ambassadors around the world in the month of December. Once this is done, we will immediately begin bringing together the next family (the second round) of Intention Crystals from around the world for the next global fire ceremony. When time calls, the Intention Crystals will be reunited by Ambassadors bringing them to Shift of the Ages Tuning and film release events and viewings.

Information about Shift of the Ages Ambassadors is on the website:

Please view and pass on the latest messages located on the Shift of the Ages Youtube Channel.

Thank you for supporting the Maya, their message, and the Shift of the Ages project.

The Shift of the Ages Team


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